Tom Brady has to be the most emotional quarterback in the NFL right now. The timeline of his emotional outbursts is as follows:

  • He spazzed out on his teammates in a particularly bad Thursday night outing, although people who saw the game could probably understand why he was frustrated. 
  • One time he got so mad he himself
  • There's a possibility he's one of the teammates who expressed their frustration at Rob Gronkowski for not playing. 

The next step is the cold chill of loneliness, like the one his hand felt in the above GIF. Brady was trying to give wide receiver Julian Edelman his props, but Edelman left him hanging, leaving Brady with a disappointed "Oh, OK" look on his face. Edelman probably didn't see him, felt some type of way when he texted two of his old receivers for them to come back, or he might have been jealous about Brady getting on Gronkowski. Edelman probably was all like, "All right. That's cool. I bet if I was in that situation, you wouldn't give a damn. You know what, dude? Don't talk to me about nothing. NOTHING," before storming off the practice field. Hopefully, the Patriots' crazy victory and Rob Ryan's pain closes their rift.

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[via SB Nation]