As fantasy owners would angrily tell you, Rob Gronkowski should definitely be back by now. Instead he's sitting out for the Patriots' Week 6 game against the Saints, and New England isn't happy. The tight end is also expected to miss at least one more game as well.

If the organization had known Gronk was going to be out this long, it would make sense that they put him in PUP. This would've kept him out at least six weeks, but the Patriots kept him out of the list probably under the assumption he was going to return sooner. That hasn't happened and tensions are rising because of it.

A big reason is because Gronkowski looked fine during practice, according to his teammates. This led to some confronting Gronkowski about sitting out of the lineup. A source expressed his discontent toward the tight end to ESPN's Ed Werder saying, “If he’s not playing in games, he damn sure should not be doing what he is in practice."

Gronkowski's absence isn't without reason, though. Team doctor Dr. James Andrews didn't clear the tight end to play. Keyshawn Johnson also noted on ESPN that practice and the actual game are different; Gronk may not necessarily be ready to put on for his team on Sundays.

Besides, it's not really the time for resentment. The Patriots are a decent 4-1 going up against a ready-to-kill 5-0 Saints. It's time to focus, which also mean it's time for Tom Brady to put that phone down. 

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[via Pro Football Talk