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Nothing Was the Same doesn't only have listeners/people aware of its existence reaching out to their romantic exes; we're also talking ex-teammates here. Case in point: Tom Brady reportedly texted his old wide receivers Deion Branch (who Brady won two Super Bowls with) and Brandon Lloyd to check their availability.

The Patriots current 2-0 record contradicts just how uncoordinated their offense has been this season with that young wide receiver squad. It looked especially bad against the Jets last Thursday. Tom Brady went 19-for-39 and 185 yards in a game that saw Brady's frustration rise to murder beef proportions after a series of dropped passes and constant miscommunication.

It's been rough on Brady and failing makes the UGG connoisseur pretty emotional—which is a pretty ugly sight. Can the Brady-Branch connection be that much of a factor at this point of the latter's career?

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[via Ian Rapoport]