Date: 12/23/1999
: "A fat monkey."
Who said it: John Rocker

Unfortunately for everyone, former major league pitcher John Rocker has never been the type to be afraid to speak his mind. The Kenny Powers of his day, Rocker's life off-the-field was often more noteworthy than his actual game. In a now-infamous interview with Sports Illustrated, Rocker solidified his loud-mouth reputation when he went off on a rant for the ages. The interview covered just about every base imaginable when it comes to racism and prejudice and, even worse, Rocker used the platform to take personal shots at one his teammates, Randall Simon.

Referring to Simon as a "fat monkey," Rocker somehow still had a job after the interview was published, and wasn't even punished for his statements, to the chagrin of many. If there was any justice in the world, the sports gods would've at least allowed Simon to take a couple swings at him. Even Rocker's apology wasn't taken seriously.