Synopsis: The story of the 2005 Minnesota Vikings and the most ratchet Bye Week in NFL history.

What if we told you that the 2005 Minnesota Vikings wasone of the most turnt up teams in NFL history? Players, strippers/prostitutes, and double-sided dildos. Need we say more? Of course not, but we will. On Oct. 6, 2005, 17 players from the Minnesota Vikings including Fred Smoot, Daunte Culpepper, and Pat Williams rented two houseboats and went out onto Lake Minnetonka where various sex acts were performed. According to the cleaning crews, the 1-4 team made the most of the bye week. There were apparently Handi Wipes (*cues the soundtrack*), K-Y Jelly, used condoms, sex toy wrappers, and other party favors.

After the scandal the team went on to win eight of their next 12 games and finished second in their division. They didn't make the playoffs which is too bad. A story of how one playerwho will remain anonymousweilding a double-sided dildo turned around their season would've been amazing.