It's not always easy being a sports fan, and if you're a supporter of the Detroit Lions, Charlotte Bobcats, or any Cleveland team, then you know exactly what we mean by that. Fans put up with some sort of disappointment on a yearly basis. Maybe your side didn't make the playoffs. Or perhaps they were an early-season favorite that failed to deliver a title. Whatever the case, there are just certain things we have to deal with each year that are always going to be a bummer. 

So how do we deal with this? What do we tell ourselves about sports that keeps us coming back for more? Or are there just some things we believe about these games that are totally wrong? Whatever the case, these are the 20 Lies Sports Fan Tell Themselves when they're looking for something to believe in. Whether it has to do with high hopes, impossible expectations, or just flat-out falsehoods, you'd be amazed what some people will believe. Sorry, Mets fans, but we could've told you this wasn't your year a month or two before the All-Star break. 

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