July 15, 2006 is a day that will forever live in Internet infamy. That’s right, it’s the day that Jack Dorsey’s microblogging and social network sensation, Twitter, became live and operational. It's also the day that agents and PR reps everywhere felt a cold shiver down their spines as they could almost sense that their star athlete clients would soon pass beyond the realm of press release protection. Since Twitter’s inception, sports figures have done everything from offending minorities to committing complete career suicide in 140 characters or less (we see you Donald Young) and all with the simple click of an innocent blue button.

Current Arizona Cardinal, Rashard Mendenhall, even managed to turn himself into an Enemy of the State with his controversial Twitter use. In celebration of this game changing social media tool, we've decided to look back on seven years of ratchet sports figures posts, so from Michael Jordan’s son hollering at porn stars to Troy Aikman not knowing what the hell a Direct Message is, check out, the 50 Most Controversial Tweets in Sports History.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)