The main reason three-wheeled scooters have yet to catch on is because of their inability to lean into turns; it makes for a horribly rigid (and very dangerous) ride. Now, thanks to brilliant minds at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, three-wheeled scooters are getting a second wind. 

The Fraunhofer scooter, which is battery-powered, was designed to lean into turns using the help of two air-sprung rear wheels that are suspended separately, which allows them to move independently of one another.

"We demonstrated that our idea works on a real scooter,” project leader Daniel Borrmann told Gizmag. “In the next step, we want to make the vehicle even more comfortable. For example, by means of systems for riding helmet-free, for protecting riders from the elements, and for luggage storage.” 

No word on whether the scooter will enter mass production. 

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[via Gizmag]