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Guys, the livelihood of kids in universities everywhere was recently put in major jeopardy. Get this ... an unnamed student-athlete from a West Coast Conference school had the audacity to wash her car with a university hose! How dare she!? Who does she think she is, the chancellor? 

Don't worry, the NCAA took swift action to make sure she was not getting any sort of advantage over all those other minions on campus. They laid down the hammer and slapped her with a hefty $20 fine for an "extra benefits violation." The big two-oh. Phew. She'll never do that again!

In all seriousness, this is just another example of how ridiculous the NCAA has become. This type of violation could be applied to so many things. How about the specialty gyms athletes get? The transportation? The food? How about the showers, as one commenter on Yahoo! pointed out? Regular people can't use any of those things, so how does that count as an "extra benefit?" Absolutely ridiculous. 

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