A few weeks ago Chrysler disputed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) claim that 2.7 million Jeeps are at risk for bursting into flames and killing you and your loved ones. The NHTSA found that Grand Cherokees from 1993 through 2004 and Libertys from 2002 through 2007 had fuel tanks that could catch fire in a rear collision. Chrysler disagreed and refused a recall. 

Today Chrysler finally gave in. Sort of. Chrysler will recall 1.5 million Grand Cherokees from 1992 through 1998 and 2002 through 2007 Libertys, and install trailer hitches that will protect the fuel tanks. However, the company won't admit that the vehicles are flawed. The company said in a statement, "Chrysler Group’s analysis of the data confirms that these vehicles are not defective and are among the safest in the peer group. Nonetheless, Chrysler Group recognizes that this matter has raised concerns for its customers and wants to take further steps, in coordination with NHTSA, to provide additional measures to supplement the safety of its vehicle."

In other words: You guys are obviously pissed, so we want to save face without admitting fault. And what of the remaining 1.2 million Jeeps not recalled? Dealerships will replace non-factory-installed hitches, but won't install hitches in those without. So if you don't have a hitch, you might want to get on that. The NHTSA said 32 rear-impact fire crashes involving Grand Cherokees have caused 44 deaths. 

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[Via Detroit News]