Tyrann Mathieu hasn't had a good year. Prior to the start of the 2012 College Football season, the Honey Badger was kicked off the team for failing a drug test. He then had to check himself into a substance abuse program and instead of transferring to another school, Mathieu decided to continue his education at LSU. But, even that choice backfired. Last month, Tyrann was arrested along with some friends for marijuana possession which ultimately led to his decision to end his college career early.

Just last year, Mathieu was a Heisman candidate and had a promising couple years to look forward to with the Tigers. The 5'9" cornerback is sure to go in the first round, but some might question whether his talents match his baggage. He might also have a hard time competing in man-to-man coverage given his small size—Tyrann made most of his plays in zone coverages.

He is expected to officially declare himself eligible for the draft some time today.

Let's hope this kid can get his shit together. No one should be addicted to weed, man. Marijuana is not a drug.

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