ESPN is reporting that Tyrann Mathieu was arrested today, along with former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, safety Karnell Hatcher and defensive back Derrick Bryant, on drug charges. According to the Baton Rouge police department, officers were dispatched when Jefferson attempted to force his way into the apartment complex where Mathieu resided.

After knocking on the front door of Honey Badger's apartment, Mathieu answered and the police "immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana." Upon Mathieu's consent to search the place, officers found "a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and 10 bags of high-grade marijuana, including seven in Bryant's backpack." Mathieu, Jefferson and Hatcher were arrested for simple possession of marijuana, while Bryant was charged for possession with intent to distribute.

After getting kicked off the team for violating school and team rules, Honey Badger couldn't afford to get in any additional off-the-field trouble. If there was any hope of Mathieu returning to Tigers next season, this incident may be the last straw for the LSU football program. 

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[via ESPN]