Basketball and rap go hand-in-hand. You know the old saying, "Every rapper wants be a baller and every baller wants to be a rapper." A couple weeks back, the controversial Chief Keef dropped a video for his song entitled, "Kobe," where he stunts poetically about how he feels like Bean Bryant since getting signed to Interscope. We wondered, what would David Stern say if he ever heard this record? We're pretty positive that it'll piss him off to the point where he'll start digging holes for bodies. He once blocked Allen Iverson from dropping an album because of it's homophobic lyrics and implemented a dress code because he was tired of white tees, baggy jeans and wave caps. Stern hasn't heard Stephen Jackson's thugged out rap ballads because if he did, Captain Jack would be fined immediately. He also probably shook his head in disgust when Shaq kicked a freestyle dissing Dwight Howard before the season started.

Amateur rappers aside, there has been some hip-hop veterans (and rookies) that have made some clever NBA references in their raps. There's guys like Young Jeezy that used Kobe and LeBron's jersey number to let us know how much he's getting that white girl for and newcomers like Lil B that bags chicks because his swag is like Michael Jordan's. And don't forget Jigga who put his NBA business in a song with Kanye after getting fined for socializing in Kentucky's locker room during the Final Four. So, check out the 20 NBA Rap References That Will Make David Stern Cringe.

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