Shaquille O'Neal decided to put his beef with Dwight Howard on wax. With battle rap legend Loaded Lux by his side, the Diesel threw a couple lyrical darts Dwight's way. He spit:

"Like I said before/You will get devoured/But don't you ever call me/Dwight Howard/Ask that boy LeBron/Who's the real Supermon?'

Shaq is a fool, man. And that suit is too clean. We're almost positive Kobe and Dwight are in the booth right now cooking up a response. But then again, Kobe has yet to respond to when Shaq asked him how his ass tastes. The only thing left for them to do is win a chip. That'll shut the Big Aristotle up.

Check the vid for the rest of the diss.

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[via Black Sports Online]