Date: 11/19/2004
Game: Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons
Location: Palace of Auburn Hills (Auburn, MI)

The Malice in the Palace changed the NBA. It was the ugliest brawl to occur in an NBA game, and to think it all started from a Ben Wallace overreaction. Ron Artest barely fouls the dude and he reacts like he just got JJ Barea'd. Wallace then gives Artest a Conan the Barbarian shove, which practically throws Artest into the stands. Foreshadowing? Artest does the right thing, he does what we're told as a kid, walk away. Stephen Jackson doesn't help though, he's got his fists up like Sonny Liston, ready to do battle with anyone on the Pistons who's willing. One beer cup comes flying from the crowd, nails Artest, and sets him off like a bat out of hell. Fans on players, players on players, a true brawl in the deepest sense of the word.