Father: Felipe Alou
Son's Stats: .303 BA 2,134 H 332 HR 1,287 RBI, 1x World Series Champion, 6x All-Star, 2x Silver Slugger
Father's Stats: .286 BA 2,101 H 206 HR 852 RBI, 3x All-Star, 1x NL Manager of the Year

This is a close one. Both were solid hitters but Moises hit for a higher average and had a bit more power. Moises had a long, successful career playing for a bunch of good teams, but couldn't stay healthy for long periods of time. He always seemed to be that veteran teams needed to get over the hump. His father, Felipe had a couple solid years as a player, but is best known for being a good manager. He won the NL Manager of the Year with the Montreal Expos during the strike-shortened season of 1994. That year was probably his only real shot at making it to the World Series as the Expos had the best record in baseball. He also had a four-year run with the Giants, winning 100 games in 2003. Moises played under his father on the Expos and the Giants.