So, this is where all that money you paid for your last pair of Js is going to!

Earlier today, Michael Jordan's son Marcus jumped on Twitter and hollered at an adult film star who goes by the name Rachel Roxxx (peep some SFW pics in the thumbs). And when we say "hollered at," we actually mean propositioned, because it was pretty clear what he had on his mind.

"too bad you wasnt n the chi this weekend," he wrote. "was ready for round 2, 1st black one huh? dm me back boo got lot more for u $$."

Now, all of that would have been fine if he'd sent Ms. Roxxx a direct message. But, instead, he accidentally hollered at her with a tweet and, well, yeah…Once you do that, you can try deleting it—which he did—but you may as well just email all the sports blogs out there with a screen grab of the tweet.

He did just send out this tweet to try and clear things up:

Lol everybody that knows me knows I would never send an "Accidental" tweet like that.. Whoever it was, nice prank tho. #CmonSon #KeepItMovin

— Marcus Jordan (@SASBMJ) May 30, 2012

But, c'mon, man! We don't believe you, you need more...well, you know the rest. Marcus better pray his dad's Bobcats win the NBA Draft Lottery tonight. Otherwise, this week is gonna be one big L for the Jordan fam.

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[via Black Sports Online]