The Jets live in the shadow of the Giants in New York. The only way to get out from under that rock (or big apple in this case) is by winning or making a lot of noise. Since, the Giants have won a pair of Super Bowls in the last five years and the Jets have come up snake eyes in that time, the team’s been forcibly saddled with the latter.  

We love trash talk, bean balls and stare downs. Hockey would be handball on ice if it weren’t for fisticuffs and tennis would be infinitely more watchable if Serena Williams didn't bring C-walking to the snobby sport of tennis. Rex Ryan’s authenticity is refreshing. Too often sports figures become vapid, pull-the-string puppets. Athlete interviews are overwhelmingly soulless. At least Rex Ryan is saying something.  

That said, Ryan’s still a jackass. Interesting? Sure. Funny? Sometimes. But a total jackass. Ryan’s trash talk is at best disingenuous because he can’t possibly back it up. At worst, it puts an unwarranted bulls eye on the Jets actually playing the game. If Ryan wants to fuel his team with superfluous bravado, fine. He’s just copying his dad. But since there's no facemask in the world that will protect that gobbler of a neck, it’s up to his players to cash the checks he’s writing.