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Badass or jackass? Like beauty, the distinction is often in the eye of the beholder. One man's "Hey lookee, he's doin' the River Dance! Badass!" is another's "How dare he besmirch the virtue of the National Football League! What a jackass!" As you can imagine, the Miami Dolphins' new wideout Chad "The Artist Formerly Known as Ochocinco" Johnson is just such a player.

He's got seven 1,000 yard receiving seasons, he's also got one 276-yard one (catching balls from Tom Brady no less). He's one of the few athletes to truly get Twitter and he's started his own news network (of sorts); he's also tried to make a Basketball Wife a housewife. In short, he's had his share of moments that scream "Badass!" and his share of moments that scream "Jackass!"

With HBO's Hard Knocks set to debut tonight and chronicle Johnson and co. at Dolphins training camp, we're taking a look at the controversial wide receiver's career, and submitting him to our thoroughly subjective, highly unscientific study of Badassdom vs. Jackassery. Chad Johnson, this is your life. Are you a badass or a jackass?