We all know that professional sports is all about setting the tone when you first walk through the door, and Ryan and his New York Jets set the defensive tone for the season by stepping on the neck of the Houston Texans' offense in a 24-7 victory on September 13, 2009. The new "defense first" Jets completely shut out the Texans' offense as Houston's special teams unit scored the team's only TD. In addition to holding them scoreless, the Jets locked up Houston's running game by only allowing 38 rushing yards the entire game. The defense forced and recovered a fumble and forced Matt Schaub into throwing an interception. 

Controlling the line of scrimmage and imposing their will on the opposing quarterback is what the Jets wanted to establish, and they did that in the first game of the new regime. The Rex Ryan era Jets kicked in the door and showed the world the defense it had in store for years to come.