Country: China
Drafted: 6th Overall, 2007
Team: Bucks
Stats: 7.9 PPG 4.9 RPG 0.7 APG
Seasons Played: 5
After a heralded career in China, winning three Chinese Basketball Association titles and putting up 24 and 11 in the CBA the season prior, Yi took his talents to the NBA in 2007. He was highly-coveted because of his frame, skill level, and the Yao Ming factor. Teams were hoping to catch lightning in a bottle twice with Yi in terms of cultural impact, but it never happened. Jianlian is a talented player and is still relatively young, but is undeniably soft as fuck. He's had nagging injuries that have hampered him a bit and he shows flashes of how good he can be. Unlike most of the busts on this list, he still has a shot.