The NBA Draft should be, and often is, a source of great joy (don't even get us started on the Draft Lottery). Terminally morose fanbases are lifted up, terrible franchises become immediate contenders, 18-year-old men born into poverty become millionaires in a moment — and that’s just what happened when the Cavaliers drafted LeBron James in 2003.

That said, the fairy tale doesn’t always have a happy ending. Sometimes the No. 2 pick has a drug problem, or straight-up just can’t play. Then there are the fashion disasters, which have ranged from the excessive (Jalen Rose’s red pinstripes) to the hysterical (Samaki Walker’s fedora) to the just plain sad (Karl Malone’s fifth-grade graduation tie). As we prep for the 2011 Draft this Thursday, we present you with the 50 Biggest Draft Day Fails. And with the 50th pick, we select...

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