Last week, we told you about how much it's sucked to be Greg Oden for the last five years. Despite being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the former Trail Blazers center has endured one heartache (and knee ache!) after another. But, things might finally be looking up for him. According to his agent Mike Conley Sr.—the father of his former Ohio State teammate Mike Conley Jr.—Oden could be poised to make an NBA comeback sometime later this year or in early 2013. And one of the teams on his radar is the Heat. They haven't contacted Oden yet—they're a little bit busy with the Pacers right now—but Conley Sr. says it's one of the options Oden is considering.

"Greg has talked about Miami," he said recently. "He has interest. He's not retiring."

Hey, he can't be any worse than some of the options they've currently got on their roster now, right? Oops. Sorry, Turiaf!

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[via Miami Herald]

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