Nobody blows through cash like millionaires with free time. Hence, why so many former NBA superstars are going broke. Although the severity of his economic situation is debated, Allen Iverson has reportedly squandered almost $200 million in earnings—and he’s not the only one blowing more 0's than Rihanna’s Instagram feed. According to their own player's union, over half of NBA players are broke within five years of their retirement. So don't feel too bad, A.I.

The problem with investing in stocks and bonds is they’re boring as hell. A boss turns their garage into a Bentley dealership, stockpiles canary diamond watches, and opens nightclubs. Got it, nerd? So light a cigar with a hundred dollar bill and put your feet up on a gold-plated ottoman as Complex presents Money to Blow: A Recent History of NBA Players Going Broke.

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