Allen Iverson Owes More Than $850,000 To A Jewelry Company

The tough times continue for AI.

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Sigh. Oh, Allen Iverson. Have things really gotten that bad for you? Last we heard, you were trying to make an NBA comeback. Now, we might know why. Despite the fact that you made $963,864,147,263,485.97 during your NBA career (by our calculations anyway), you've now landed yourself in the news again because of your alleged lack of funds.

According to court papers obtained by TMZ recently, you stiffed a company called Aydin & Company Jewelers on a $375,000 bill back in 2010. And after you completely ignored a lawsuit that they brought against you, you now owe $859,896.46 (they got it down to the damn penny!) to A&C for the jewelry, the court costs, interest on the original amount owed, and attorney fees. And, worst of all: A judge just gave A&C the permission to take that money directly out of your bank account.

SMH. Let's not make this a trend, my dude. You had a great, storied career. The last thing you need are a bunch of problems following you around for the rest of your life. So, get this squared away—and then don't let it happen again. Any questions?

[via TMZ]

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