Dennis Rodman Is Broke, 'Extremely Sick,' and Owes Nearly $1M in Child Support

Tough times for The Worm.

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Back in 2009, a Sports Illustrated article claimed that 60 percent of professional basketball players go broke within five years of retirement. Apparently Dennis Rodman, who last played professionally in 2006, is just another part of that statistic. Rodman faces a 20-day jail sentence for failing to pay spousal and child support to his ex-wife, Michelle Moyer. The Worm owes her $808,935 in child support and another $51,441 in alimony.

Rodman's lawyers say he is "extremely sick" and struggling to cover his own living expenses much less the total $9,500 per month in support payments. His attorney did not specify what exact illness the former NBA player is suffering from but claimed that it has diminished his marketability. Rodman has been married and divorced three times, including a six-month marriage to Carmen Electra in 1998.

Damn. All we can say is strap up and it's cheaper to keep her.

[via The Los Angeles Times]

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