Had enough of Metta World Peace this week? Too bad! Because, his name is definitely gonna stay in the headlines right now—at least until his seven-game suspension is over. The latest news concerning the player formerly known as Ron Artest? It sounds like he's not too happy with certain guys in the sports media who have dogged him for the elbow that he threw at James Harden during the Lakers/Thunder game on Sunday night. And, last night, he took to his Twitter account to call them out for it.

Unfortunately, he's since deleted those tweets and replaced them with a link to a strange blog on his site called "When Two Powerhouses Collide" (WTF is he talking about?). But, here are the two tweets he sent out late Wednesday night that had everybody talking:

"Shaq, How can u comment on elbows..What about the punch you threw at brad miller. And the elbows at dikembe and the prizbilla concussion?"

"Can magic johnson, jon barry and steven A compare my accidental elbow to the Luis scola face step and the Blake griff take down..?"

Valid points? Er, we'll let you decide. All we know is that, if he's smart (again, we'll let you decide), World Peace will stop talking about the elbow he threw immediately and do something completely ridiculous to get us off the topic. Otherwise, we're still going to be talking about this two weeks from now. So, what else ya got, Metta? You've got plenty of free time on your hands now. So, please do something to get us talking about something else.

[via ESPN Los Angeles]

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