Shaq is letting bygones be bygones. Although he and Kobe Bryant didn't end their relationship as Lakers teammates on the best of terms, the Big Diesel put that to the side last night when KB24 passed him on the NBA's all-time points list during a game against the 76ers. He wasn't exactly sitting courtside at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia cheering Kobe on. But he did take to his Twitter account shortly after it happened to congratulate his former running mate.

We won't lie: We've enjoyed watching the Shaq/Kobe feud play out over the years. But it's good to see these guys finally making peace with one another. Congrats to Kobe on his accomplishment—and to Shaq for proving that he can be the bigger man. Hold up, though: Did he say him and Kobe were the greatest Lakers one-two punch ever? Hmmm...Some of the moments on this list make us question that. Feel free to debate amongst yourselves.

[via Twitter]

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