Last month, Tim Tebow broke a record when his touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas during the AFC Wild Card Game helped the Broncos beat the Steelers and caused 9,420 tweets per second on Twitter. Unfortunately for him, that record didn't last very long. During the halftime show of last night's Super Bowl, Madonna took the stage (alongside Nicki Minaj and a not-so-well-behaved M.I.A.) and put on quite the performance. It helped the Material Girl break Tebow's Twitter record by resulting in 10,245 tweets per second.

However, one thing Tebow can still be happy about is that, at the very least, he can say he held onto his record for longer than Madonna. She actually lost hers just a couple of hours later when more than 12,000 tweets were going up every second at the end of the Giants/Patriots game. Hey, you know the saying, "Records were meant to be broken," right? Well, this Twitter record just keeps on proving it.

[via Off the Bench]

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