23. Chris Kluwe

Handle: @ChrisWarcraft
Followers: 35,897
Chis Kluwe is an NFL punter and has over 35,000 followers. Yes, you read that right. A punter (for the Vikings, mind you) has that many followers. Kluwe's managed to do this by being brutally honest and pretty damn funny at the same time. He grabbed tons of followers during last year's lockout when he had the balls to call out some of the NFL's biggest stars. A Twitter fight with SI writer Peter King helped out, too. But it's not all about controversy with Kluwe, many of his tweets or twitpics are dedicated to his love of playing World of Warcraft, his band, or mundane but funny things that go on in the day-to-day life of an NFL punter. Stuff like eating some of the most pause-worthy food we've ever seen.