10. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Handle: @FloydMayweather
Followers: 2,257,750
Ever sit back and think about all the ridiculously ignorant things you'd do if you made eight figures while working a couple times a year? No need to wonder anymore, just follow Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The trash-talking boxer often posts receipts of ridiculously large gambling winnings (supposedly he never loses), poses with obscene amounts of cash, challenges Pac-Man with name-calling that wouldn't intimidate a five-year-old, and chills with rapper 50 cent. Whether he's talking about the #MoneyTeam giving back to the community or about the new $300,000 Bentley he bought himself as a going away (to jail) present, cash most definitely makes Money May's world go 'round. All these tweets and twitpics will become infinitely more hilarious if dude ever ends up on this list. #noshots #justsayin'