By now, if you're a fan of that other show involving J. J. Abrams, Jorge Garcia, and an Island, you've probably seen the pilot for Alcatraz, Abram's new history-bending, multiple time-line, island based, thriller-mystery. 

As you may know, Ford is deeply involved in the show. Many TV journalists received a box full of props, including some newspaper clippings. On the reverse sides of those clipping were vintage advertisements for the 1st Gen Mustang, which was just coming out of its concept stage in 1963 when Alcatraz was closed down. In the show Sarah Jones' character has a Mustang and Ford has said that there will be a 1964 or two in the flashback portion of the show. None of this is news, however.

What is news is that Ford is also sponsoring interactive games around the country. The first live event will take place in San Francisco on the 27th of January and we have been told they they will take the form of scavenger hunts and other "missions." The 2013 will be involved, but the crew has stated that they are committed to using it as a prop, rather than trying to slam it in your face as a Ford advertisement (which, of course, it is). 

In addition to the live events you can try your hand at online puzzles at