Attention, Washington Redskins: You have three months to figure out a way to move up in the 2012 NFL Draft. That's because Robert Griffin III—this season's Heisman Trophy winner—has reportedly made the decision to forego his final year of college football eligibility and make the jump to the pros next season. Although no official decision has been made by RGIII, several sources, including Griffin III's own father, spoke with ESPN over the weekend and revealed that he will take his talents to the NFL next season.

"I met with my son [Friday] and his schedule is pretty much he will attend the Sugar Bowl here in New Orleans, then next weekend he will meet with five agents and select the right agent to represent him and plan a good pre-draft process," Robert Griffin II told ESPN. "After that he will sit down with three of his coaches at Baylor on Wednesday or Thursday and make it official."

A Baylor spokesperson quickly shot down the rumors that Griffin III is ready to move on. But if his own dad is saying it, it's pretty much a done deal. So, yeah, 'Skins. Get to work. You need a QB. And since you didn't quit suck bad enough this season to earn the right to draft Andrew Luck, this is your guy.

[via ESPN]

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