Remember the workout that Terrell Owens held for NFL teams back in October that basically got broadcast on ESPN despite the fact that no NFL teams actually showed up? Lot of good that did him. He ended up getting exactly zero offers from it. But, as it turns out, he might be getting close to signing a deal with a team now, more than two months after that workout. It's just not an NFL team.

The Allen Wranglers of the IFL—that's the Indoor Football League, for those of you who aren't familiar (and we expect that many of you aren't considering that even we had to Google IFL to double-check exactly what it stood for)—have reportedly extended an offer to Owens. The deal would call for Owens to make somewhere in the $250,000 to $500,000 range for one season of his services. The thought, of course, is that even if Owens isn't 100 percent healthy and is only a shell of his former self, he'll help get people into the stands.

It's not exactly a deal with the 49ers, T.O. But if you're really hurting as bad as you say you are financially, you might wanna seriously consider taking this deal. We won't laugh if you do. Er, okay. We won't laugh that much.

[via Pro Football Talk]

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