Times are tough right now for Terrell Owens. And, apparently, they're only getting tougher. Because he's not playing football right now—and because, it would appear, no NFL teams are currently interested in his services—the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver reportedly just asked a judge to reduce the amount of child support he pays to his child's mother Monique Reynolds every month.

"His child support payments should mirror his income today," a rep for Owens told TMZ recently, "and not be based on his income from over four years ago."

Unfortunately for TO, it sounds like he's going to have to keep paying out the you-know-what for child support. At least for the time being. He was supposed to attend a court hearing concerning his child support payments last Monday but he didn't show up. SMH. You certainly don't like to make things easy on yourself, TO, do you? [via TMZ]