As if the Minnesota Vikings' season couldn't get any worse...

After the Vikes took their fourth L of the year to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon, Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian jumped on Twitter and expressed his frustrations about not getting the ball more often this season. Through four games, Berrian has made just two catches for 37 yards. Not exactly Pro Bowl numbers. But he contends that it's because he hasn't been thrown to enough by Donovan McNabb, which prompted at least one fan to respond to him.

"Bernard berrian don't blame that shit on McNabb," Twitter user @DreDaydaBoSS wrote. "Point blank period you ain't did shit since you came to Vikings your career is over."

A few hours later, Berrian responded to his critics. "Gotta swagga," he wrote. "Make'em hate me!!"

That response then prompted a tweet from Minnesota State Representative John Kriesel. "If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice who says that he's open a lot and should get the ball more," Kriesel wrote.

And within minutes, Berrian fired back at Kriesel. "Anytime u wanna watch the film with me," he wrote. "Not just one game but all of them...and if not sit down n shut up!!"

Just a silly Twitter beef, right? Except that it turns out Kriesel is an Iraq war veteran and—gulp—an amputee. Nice one, Bernard. And, to make matters worse, he didn't really seem to care about his choice of words for Kriesel—even after a fan pointed out the fact that Kriesel is an amputee.

"So!!" Berrian tweeted.

Sometimes, it's better to just sign off, son. [via Black Sports Online]