From the trade rumors that swirled around him back in January to the war of words he got into with his former mentor Deion Sanders in March, it's been a pretty rough NFL offseason for Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant. And it got even rougher over the weekend when former Cowboys fullback and current FOX analyst Daryl Johnston took Bryant to task for his recent troubles.

"When Deion Sanders gives up on you, that speaks volumes to me," Johnston told The Dallas Morning News. "Deion goes out of his way to help young guys and try to help them reach their potential in the NFL. And when Deion says, 'I can't work you anymore,' that's the first time he has ever done that."

But he didn't stop there. He also asked folks to stop making comparisons between Bryant and Johnston's former Cowboy teammate/NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. "Don't ever compare him to Michael Irvin because they are polar opposites," he said. "Michael was high-profile and he had the 'playmaker' nickname, but Michael was the hardest worker on that team. So, one of the things you have to be careful with is that all of a sudden [because] he's high-profile and he's dynamic as a player, you reach back and compare him to Michael. It couldn't be further from reality." Ouch. [via NFL]

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