Know who we wouldn't want to see in the Octagon? Cindy Dandois. Yeah, Chuck Lidell looks like he'd beat the shit out of us. And Anderson Silva would probably have us laying facedown on the mat (pause) before the first fuckin' bell even stopped ringing. But Dandois is one tough cookie for a different reason—she fought (and beat!) an MMA opponent back in mid-March while she was two months pregnant. Granted, she had no idea (we're pretty sure she'd be the first mother of a baby confiscated by DYFS before birth, if she had known) but still: You've gotta be a pretty bad chick to land a W with a seed in your stomach. Don't worry, though. She's officially off all future cards until the baby is born. That kid's gonna have some story to tell when he grows up, though, huh? [via Cagewriter]