PLAYER(S) LINKED TO: Ronny Turiaf (New York Knicks); Lance Stephenson (Indiana Pacers); Matt Barnes (Los Angeles Lakers)
COMPLEX SAYS: Since Kat Stacks fell off, the groupie scene has felt kind of empty. Well, at least until Candy came along. In December, Candy claimed to be the reason why Matt Barnes of the Lakers broke off his engagement from Gloria Govan of Basketball Wives. Candy got into a heated exchange with Barnes, and even went as far as to post photo and text evidence. Since then, she's said she has hooked up with Ronny Turiaf and Lance Stephenson. (Not exactly a groupie overachiever.) In her bio she proudly states: "Best DEEPTHROAT in ALL THE LAND!! i guarantee it! OR ur $ back!" Only time will tell which kind of <em>brain</em> ballers decide to go with...

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