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It’s not too hard to see that the Nike Dunk and the SB Dunk have regained their popularity in recent years. While there’s been a lot of debate about what ultimately led to their resurgence, it’s easy to point to Travis Scott being one of the driving factors. Throughout the last two years, the Houston rapper would appear to casually lace up some of the rarest Dunk and SB Dunk colorways on social media every so often, but it turns out his choice in footwear was deliberate.

In the latest episode of the Complex Sneakers Podcast, guest Andre Ljustina, also known as Croatian Style, shared with co-hosts Brendan Dunne,  Joe La Puma, and Matt Welty about a conversation with Scott about making the Nike Dunks popular again. “Travis came in, but it was literally one point where he didn’t get the heavy ones yet and we had a conversation and he was like, ‘Yo, do you think I can bring the Nike Dunk back?’” Croatian Style recalled. “Whether that was talked about with his team or whatnot, I was like ‘Bro, you are the guy.’”

Croatian Style, the owner of the elusive sneaker store Project Blitz, has sold Scott a handful of the rare Dunk and SB Dunks that he was flexing on social media including the “Paris,” “What the” SB Dunk Lows and more. Although it isn’t clear when the conversation took place, it’s safe to assume this took place prior to last year with the release of Scott’s eventual SB Dunk Low collab.

In addition to the aforementioned story about Scott, Croatian Style also talked about how he became one of the biggest sneaker collectors around including being a sneaker plug for celebrities from Beyonce and Jay Z to Mark McGwire as well as the late DJ AM. Check out the latest episode of the Complex Sneakers Podcast in its entirety here.