There are changes coming to StockX this summer, specifically for sellers on the resale platform.

Starting in August, the company will launch what it’s calling rhe new StockX Seller Program. StockX says the program is designed to give frequent sellers lower fees while also providing a better experience for all users of the platform.

For sellers specifically, the latest program is centered around a revamped version of StockX’s tiered seller levels. There are five seller levels and the individual ranking is determined on a quarterly basis, which means there will be additional opportunities to lower your seller fees throughout the year.

 Each user’s ranking is determined through their activity on StockX, which includes the number of sales completed or the total value of sales and is broken down via the chart provided below.

StockX Seller Program Chart
StockX’s new Seller Level structure. Image via StockX

StockX confirmed that the base rates for all levels are also increasing by 0.5 percent and that the biggest benefits for sellers come once Level 4 status is achieved. This is when sellers can qualify for an additional 2 percent off their fees through consistent performances.

The StockX Seller Program will take effect for all users starting August 1.