At one point or another, sneaker collectors always ask themselves, “What’s going to be my next pick-up?” Choosing the next sneaker to add to your collection isn’t hard at allit’s actually securing a pair that can sometimes prove to be difficult. Whether it's the latest pair of Yeezys that slipped away from you on release date or a pair of O.G. Air Jordans that dropped when you were a kid, resellers can play a crucial role in finding what you’re after.

While reselling is often looked down upon in the sneaker community, it’s a necessary part of the game. Sneakerheads will say, “Resellers are killing the sneaker game,” or “Let the people who actually want the sneakers buy them,” but let’s be honest—​we’ve all either sold a pair of kicks for a nice come up or wanted a pair so bad that shelling out extra cash wasn’t an issue.

Being a reseller goes far beyond the people who will camp out 12 hours for the latest Js, only to make a $50 profit. That’s less than minimum wage. They’re often just like the rest of us: True enthusiasts—​except they’ve turned their love of sneakers into legitimate businesses. These are The 12 Best Sneaker Reseller Sites. —​Amir Ismael

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