MSCHF Offers Refunds on Satan Shoes After Nike Settlement

MSCHF is offering refunds for the Lil Nas X Satan shoes after it reached a settlement with Nike following the sportswear brand's lawsuit. Find out more here.

Lil Nas X x MSCHF x Air Max 97 Satan Shoe

Image via MSCHF

Lil Nas X x MSCHF x Air Max 97 Satan Shoe

Yesterday, the legal battle between Nike and marketing agency MSCHF seemingly came to a close with both parties agreeing to settle the lawsuit over Lil Nas X’s custom Air Max 97 Satan shoes. The terms of the settlement stipulated that MSCHF must issue a voluntary recall for the footwear, a provision the company was said to have agreed to. Now, we’re learning that the brand behind the controversial custom sneakers is making good on its end of the deal.

In an email sent to Satan shoe buyers, as well as those who purchased 2019’s Jesus shoes, MSCHF asks that customers return the sneakers for a full refund—if they so choose. “As part of the settlement, Nike has asked us, and we have agreed to, initiate a recall in order to remove the Satan Shoes and the Jesus Shoes from circulation,” reads the email obtained by Complex. “If you were confused, or even if not, you are free to return your Satan Shoes or Jesus Shoes to MSCHF for a full refund at the original retail price, plus shipping costs.”

MSCHF Satan Shoes Recall Email

The email goes on to explain that shipping the shoes back is entirely voluntary and buyers are not required to do so. It also states that if owners do not return the shoes and later experience a “product issue, defect, or health concern,” they should address the matter with MSCHF instead of Nike. In Nike’s original lawsuit, the sportswear brand argued that altering the Air bubble cushioning in the Air Max 97’s midsole could potentially pose safety hazards.

Buyers who wish to return their Satan shoes or Jesus shoes to MSCHF are instructed to do so by April 21, 2021.