2021 is nearly up, and we’ve pumped out all of our lists about the best sneakers of the year. We’ve ranked the best sneakers, the best Air Jordans, and the best new designs. But here’s where the real fun starts: Where we each editor gets to discuss their personal top five sneakers from the past 12 months.

There’s usually consensus picks for the top shoes of the year. If you were to create a time capsule that would be opened in 100 years, there are things you’d want the list to contain. But the top 10 best shoes of the year might not always be someone’s personal favorites. And we know that an obscure model isn’t the best representation when ranking the best sneakers. This is the chance to include shoes that impacted all eight of us in 2021. Nike SB Dunks, Air Jordans, Virgil Abloh collaborations, LeBron retros, CrossFit shoes, performance basketball shoes, New Balances, Salomons, Fear of God slip-ons, friends-and-family edition Reeboks, and more. 

So here they are, Our Favorite Sneakers of 2021.