A History of Supreme's Nike Collaborations

From Dunk SBs to running sneakers, and everything in between.

Supreme Nike SB Dunk Low White Cement
Image via Nike
Supreme Nike SB Dunk Low White Cement

From their early start working on a sneaker that was inspired by the Air Jordan III to making their collaborations release almost yearly like clockwork, Nike and Supreme have shaped our understanding of what it means to be a sneakerhead and how far someone will go to get a pair of sneakers. We're about to take you on a journey through their work the past 15-plus years. So grab your all-over print hoodies and photo T-shirts—here's A History of Supreme's Nike Collaborations.

Dunk Low Pro SB

Supreme Nike SB Dunk Low White Cement

Year released: 2002 

This is the sneaker that started it all: Supreme's take on the Air Jordan III. It's hard to believe that when released, this sneaker didn't cause mass hysteria, but those were simpler times, and you had to be in the know to get these. You're more likely to see someone with a completely beat to death pair of the first Supreme x Nike released than a crispy pair, and it's likely the sneaker has changed hands several times. If only these shoes could talk.

Nike Dunk Low SB Supreme

Dunk High Pro SB

Supreme x Nike Dunk High

Year released: 2003

If you try to paint an ideal image of a Hypebeast in the mid-2000s, he had a pair of Nike x Supreme Dunk His on. And he probably had a few pairs on ice. These sneakers fetched crazy money on the re-sale market, and made people believe that if you had a pair, you were rich and your folks bought them. Or you simply flipped every pair of kicks you had in a trade.

The stars on the side would be an image that would be forever be linked with Supreme and Nike SB. It's no surprise that dudes like Trinidad James are still wearing these today.



Delta Force 3/4 SB

Supreme x Nike Delta Force 3/4

Year released: 2004

Perhaps the most slept-on Supreme x Nike sneaker, the Delta Force had a very short lifespan as a Nike SB. The Supreme version was a 3/4 model and perfect for skating with its bulky padding but sleek design. Three colors, all with gum soles and 3M tongues.

If you were lucky, there were still pairs of these floating around two or three years later on websites such as PickYourShoes, and you scored your pair hassle-free. And for the record, the gum sole was fire.



Nike Blazer SB

Supreme x Nike SB Blazer (Red)

Year released: 2006

This is one of the sneakers responsible for sparking the high-end fashion interest amongst sneakerheads. The Supreme x Nike Blazer played straight off Gucci, with a red and green tab on the heel with a gold-plated loop. The sneakers also had quilted leather uppers and had a faux-snakeskin Swoosh.

As you can probably guess, if you didn't get a pair of these at retail, you were paying over half a stack. Oddly enough, there were actually B-grades of these floating around on NikeTalk at the time, too.


Supreme x Nike SB Blazer (Black)

Trainer TW 2 SB

Supreme x Nike Air Trainer TW2

Year released: 2007

The Trainer TW II was a new move for Supreme and Nike, it proved that they could make non-skate shoes, and they would still sell out. We know, technically none of the previously-released models were originally designed for skateboarding (and these were technically an SB), but the Trainer TW II was made for people to lift weights in and go to the gym.

Every once in a while, you still see people wearing these sneakers, but it tends to be a rare occasion.



Bruin SB

Supreme x Nike Bruin SB

Year released: 2009 

Everyone thought this was going to be a release that sneakerheads would lose their minds over. The Bruin was simple like the first couple of Supreme x Nike releases. But, while these sold out, they didn't garner as much hype as prior drops.

The Bruin can be seen as a move away from hype sneakers, and the streetwear-set starting to wear clothes and shoes that could be sported daily, instead of kept on ice and pulled out twice a year.



SB 94

Supreme x Nike SB 94 (Maroon)

Year released: 2010

Supreme was founded in 1994, and the shop had made its own sneakers before, but the SB 94 was more than just a collaboration with Nike, it was the design of a whole new sneaker.

It was a hi-top that could be skated in, but also looked similar to a pair of Dunks (with Foamposite support, even). Nike and Supreme created something that both parties could be happy with, and was as dual-functional as Supreme's reputation as a skate shop and a lifestyle brand.



SB 94 (Second Release)

Supreme x Nike SB 94 (Black)

Year released: 2011

For the first time, Supreme designed the same pair of Nike sneakers twice. The SB 94 returned the following year, this time with a new inspiration: The boots New Yorkers love to wear. 

Both pairs of the 94s looked like Timberland boots this time, and came in buttery suede. Sneakerheads weren't sloshing through the snow in these, though. But these are definitely a hidden gem along the history of Supreme's Nike collaborations.


Dunk Low Pro SB (Second Release)

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low (Red)

Air Force 1 Low

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low (Camo)

Release year: 2012

The Nike Air Force 1 is ingrained in New York City's sneaker history. The city also loves hard-wearing, military-inspired clothing. When Supreme and Nike put those two ideas together, along with a gum sole, the result was nothing short of tough.

Also, those worried about their Forces creasing, avoided that situation through the use of canvas on these sneakers. You could literally sport these all the time, and not worry about them getting fucked up.



SB Tennis Classic

Supreme x Nike SB Tennis Classic (Black)

Year released: 2013 

It's shocking that in this day and age, a Supreme sneaker release would just kind of sit around, but that's what happened with the Tennis Classic.

Yes, they ended up selling out, but if you didn't cop on release date, you could still gets yours even a few weeks later.  Even Val Kilmer got himself a pair. But this Supreme x Nike release was essential for someone who wanted sneakers with attention to detail, showed you knew your shit, but weren't attracting too much attention. Well except for the Volt pair.



Flyknit Lunar 1+

Supreme x Nike Flyknit Lunar 1

Air Foamposite One

Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One

Air Force 1 High

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 High


Supreme x Nike SB GTS

Air Jordan 5

Supreme x Air Jordan 5

Air Max 98

Supreme x Nike Air Max 98

SB Blazer Low GT

Supreme x Nike SB Blazer Low GT

Air More Uptempo

NikeLab Supreme Uptempo

SB Air Force 2

Supreme Nike SB Air Force 2

Air Force 1 Low x Comme des Garçons

Supreme Comme des Garcons Nike Air Force 1

Air Humara

Supreme Nike Humara

Zoom Streak Spectrum Plus

Supreme x Nike Zoom Streak Spectrum Plus

Air Force 1 Mid x NBA

Supreme x Nike x NBA Air Force 1 Mid 'White' AQ8017 100 'Black' AQ8017 001

SB Gato

Supreme x  Nike SB Gato

Air Force 1 Low x Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons x Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low 1

Air Max Tailwind 4

Supreme x Nike Air Tailwind 4 Collection