WWE Icon Mick Foley Talks Travis Scott's 'Cactus Jack' Nikes

Wrestler Mick Foley on his role in Travis Scott's latest Nike collaboration and how he feels about the 'Cactus Trails' Air Max sneakers.

Mick Foley Travis Scott Cactus Trails Nike Air Max
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Mick Foley Travis Scott Cactus Trails Nike Air Max

Depending on who you ask, Cactus Jack refers either to Mick Foley, the scrappy wrestling legend, or the empire of Travis Scott, one of the biggest rappers in the world. Despite the shared moniker (the wrestler had it first), they haven't generally crossed paths. They finally connected last week, convening at a safe digital distance in cyberspace, where Foley appeared on the intentionally ancient-looking site introducing the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React ENG "Cactus Trails."

The "Cactus Trails" Air Max 270 React ENG, the latest in Travis' long line of Nike collaborations, released on Friday. Like almost all the other Travis Scott sneakers, they sold out instantly. Unlike all those shoes, they came with a co-sign from the original Cactus Jack, who modeled them on the nostalgic website.

On the day of their release, Complex spoke with Foley via email about his role in Travis Scott's latest Nike collaboration. Here's how Cactus Jack feels about the Cactus Jack sneakers.

Travis Scott is one of Nike's biggest collaborators right now. How does it feel to be a part of his latest campaign?
I am really excited to be part of Travis' new campaign for Nike. For a while, I had wondered if I may have been an inspiration for his "Cactus Jack" sneakers. It was not until I saw Travis on Saturday Night Live mentioning that his backup singer's name was "Bang Bang"—which had been a catchphrase of mine—that I realized I had definitely been an influence on the name. So, to know that I inspired someone in some way with the wrestling I did a long time ago, it is very flattering.

Mick Foley Cactus Jack Travis Scott

What has it been like working with Nike?
It has been a really good experience from start to finish. Travis is in good hands with the team surrounding his brand and this new 270 shoe. As well, I am a big fan of all the product he's released under the Air Jordan brand, especially the Jordan IV "Cactus Jack." I wear those all the time!

What was your reaction when you first saw the "Cactus Trails" Nikes?
I thought they looked great. The various small hints of color used throughout the shoe really gave the 270 some cool highlights, and they look super comfy.

Would you wrestle in something like these Air Max 270s if you had the chance?
Back in late 1998, when my knees were really bothering me, I made the move from wrestling boots to sneakers, and I had the biggest year of my career. If the Air Max 270s had been available during my era, I am almost certain I would have been wearing them when I defeated Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the WWE title!

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React ENG 'Cactus Trails' CT2864-200 Release Date

How do you feel about so many people wrestling in sneakers instead of boots these days?
I am all for anything that makes the men or women feel comfortable in the ring. I think everyone should wear what they feel like they perform in the best. I happen to have had the biggest run of my career while wearing sneakers. John Cena did pretty well for himself wearing sneakers as well! So if you can be at your best, while also looking good doing it, wear what makes you happy—especially if they are the new Air Max 270s.