Adidas Is on the Verge of Jumping Over the Jumpman

Adidas' market share nearly doubled over the past year, almost caught up to Jordan Brand.

Yeezy hasn't yet jumped over the Jumpman, but his partners at Adidas are on the verge of doing so in the United States.

According to a report published by Yahoo Finance citing NPD Group, Adidas nearly doubled its stateside business from May 2016 to May 2017. The brand went from a 6.3% to 11.3% market share during that period of time, while Nike dipped from 35.9% to 34.7% and Jordan Brand fell from 14.8% to 11.8%.

In May alone, Nike's overall sales declined a couple percentage points, while Adidas' sneaker sales rose an astounding 74%. A month earlier, Adidas actually surpassed Jordan Brand after hitting a record 13% market share, which dipped due to market fluctuation.

Nike is still by far the most dominant brand in sportswear, but Adidas continues to make steady gains and eat at its lead. NPD's Matt Powell cites casual sportswear as one of the biggest factors, with Adidas leading in the category and Nike not even charting in his year-to-year breakdown.

May 2017 Top 5 Casual Athletic Brands
Adidas 23% share +209%
Skechers 20% share +39%
Converse 12% shr +0%
Sperry 4%shr +34%
Keds 2%shr +2%

For Adidas, the Nike takeover is ambitious at the moment, but passing Jordan Brand on a consistent basis is a realistic goal that they're well within reach of.

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