$200 Million Wasn't the Only Reason James Harden Signed With adidas

James Harden reveals what motivated him to sign a deal with adidas.

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James Harden is officially an adidas athlete and he's got a truckload of kicks to prove it. The NBA all-star guard signed a 13-year, $200 million deal with the sportswear giant and surprisingly money wasn't what motivated his decision. In an interview with ESPN, Harden revealed that having a say in how he's marketed was a key part in making the deal happen.

“Just everything, however I want it, I have a say-so,” Harden said. “I have a voice that can and will be heard. I have a pretty strong voice, whether it’s designing my shoe, designing my clothing, just everything, everything that the brand has to offer. I’ll definitely voice my opinion.”

After being spotted wearing Nikes multiple times last month, Harden is now wearing adidas on and off the court. He wore a pair of white adidas Crazylight Boosts during practice on Thursday.

“It’s very special; it’s always great when you have a brand that wants you and will do whatever it takes to get you and market you the right way,” Harden said. “This is another opportunity for me and adidas to grow as one. I’m excited for the opportunity and I will definitely seize it.”

Although Nike is still the number one sportswear company in the world, adidas is continuing to show their ability to win over partners, athletes and celebrities alike.