You would think that by now, James Harden would have gotten the memo about wearing Nikes, but it looks like he's refusing to hang 'em up just yet.

In the image above, Harden was spotted at TAO night club on Saturday night in a pair of "Flu Game" Air Jordan XIIs. As hard as it is to believe that he'd actually be this stubborn with a cool $200M hanging over his head, this was only his first offense of the weekend. 

TMZ also caught him earlier today rocking a pair of Roshe Runs, which you'll see below.

Last week, an adidas rep clarified that Harden has until October 1 to stop wearing the competition's product, and Harden himself gave an alcohol-fueled endorsement of the brand, saying adidas was on its way to being "awesome."

Despite his enthusiasm, it seems as if Harden is determined to wear as many Nikes as he can until the deadline. Is it really worth risking all that cash though, bruh?


Image via TMZ