This New Sneakers App Guarantees to Sell Your Sneakers in 90 Minutes

The new Flip app allows sneakerheads to buy and sell rare kicks fast with 90-minute auctions.

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When it comes to buying sneakers, the name of the game is to be fast. Sneakerheads rush to be first in line and when those Twitter links drop, they click "checkout" faster than ever in attempts to beat sneaker bots. Even when it comes to reselling, speed is just important. It's all about the quick flip and that's just what the new Flip app helps sneaker collectors and resellers with.

According to Forbes, Flip was created by Kemar Newell, a 26-year-old entrepreneur looking to make buying and selling easier for sneakerheads. Flip is a curated mobile app with more than 15,000 pair of sneakers up for auction. Unlike eBay where auctions can last up to 10 days, Flip guarantees to sell kicks fast with its 90-minute auctions. Newell described the app as, "eBay for the Snapchat generation."

Being a sneakerhead himself, Newell started sneaker reselling at a young age just to be able to afford the sneakers he wanted.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t have $100 to spend on sneakers," said Newell. "That would be better spent on lunch, but I quickly turned it into a business."

As a reseller he created a six-figure sneaker consignment business which he ran until 2013. Then in February 2015 Flip Beta launched. Now, the final iOS version of Flip officially launched on Thursday with an inventory of sneakers worth over $2 million.

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